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    Wooden 450 Sq Feet Sustainable Home Has Great Use Of Space, Sweet Details In Buenos Aires

    Small spaces are not new to TreeHugger, and frankly we’ve seen a lot, from indoor treehouses to tiny camping caravans and everything in between.

    But what’s surprising about this sustainable home created by Argentine design firmGruba for this year’s Casa FOA architecture and interior design event is that, thanks to clever planning and details, it doesn’t feel like a small space at all.

    With only 450 sq. feet, the space boasts a full living room and dinning area, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, storage space and even a small container herbs farm.

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    Sheep Wool Insulation Comes To America

    Image credit Oregon Shepherd It is common in New Zealand and a luxury in the UK, but now sheep wool insulation has come to America, via Oregon Shepherd. There is a lot to love about this stuff; “This all-natural and inherently fire-retardant material is non-toxic, resists mold growth, is vermin resistant and is acoustically superior.” After all, sheep know a thing or two about keeping warm

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    Build Your Own Pallet Armchair Designed By Pierre Vedel

    There are said to be two billion pallets in circulation around the world, and two/thirds of them are only used once. Here is a set of plans to convert a pallet into an arm chair. Read more…

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    How Did Granite Become The Kitchen Counter Standard?

    Granite counters have been all the rage for a decade, but now it has come to this, an entire kitchen made of granite. I think it is incredibly ugly and probably ridiculously expensive, But seeing this image, and a recent discussion about counter choices for Graham Hill’s LifeEdited project, reminded me of some research I had done into countertops a while back…

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    “Woodland House” Builder Ben Law on Why Prince Charles Rocks

    Ben Law’s stunning woodland house and woodsman lifestyle , and his subsequent videos on how to build a roundwood timber-frame home , have become somewhat legendary in permaculture circles. Now Permaculture Magazine has a great interview with Ben Law in which he talks about building with wood, loving the land, the limited value of networking, and (perhaps surpri… Read the full story on TreeHugger

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    Is Mango Wood the New Bamboo?

    From bikes and floors to sheets and t-shirts, bamboo is well-known as a popular green choice because as a fast-growing grass, it’s a renewable material. Hemp is also considered environmentally smart for a variety of products including its wood. Mango trees are also fast-growing and another sustainable source of timber — once they stop bearing its sweet delicious fruit

    More than 30 million metric tons of mango fruit are grown every year – and there are more than 1000 varieties of luscious mangoes. The mango tree can grow to a huge 80- to 100-foot height relatively quickly, when it then becomes difficult to harvest. With its limited lifespan for yielding the best fruit, the trees are cut down.

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