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    Flower Power: A Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Sensor That Monitors the Needs of Your Plants

    Now and again, even the best green thumb could use a little help taking care of their plants. French electronics company Parrot just unveiled a new gizmo at CES 2013 called the Flower Power that makes it easy to monitor the health of your leafy friends. The small branch-shaped device can be inserted into ……….

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    Eco Friendly Furniture Options

    There are few things as satisfying as furnishing a new home, or choosing new furniture to update a home.  The items we choose to make a place feel like a home do so by creating a feeling, and by reflecting our own unique style. Home is sanctuary.  And the furniture options we have to choose from are almost limitless. However, furniture production is resource-intensive and can involve chemicals that are bad for your health.  Seeking out eco-friendly furniture can be a great way to make a difference without any sacrifice of comfort or style.

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    Green Buildings are Hazardous to Your Health, Says Fox News

    The buildings commonly referred to as “green” could actually be hazardous to your health, according to a new report.

    That’s one of many warnings out of a new report from the Institute of Medicine, which tracked the potential impact of climate change on indoor environments.

    The report cautions that climate change can negatively and directly affect indoor air quality in several ways. But the scientists behind the study warn that homeowners and businesses could also be making the problem worse by pursuing untested or risky

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    EPA Raises Health Concerns with Spray Foam Insulation

    hen I heard this, it felt to me a lot like a situation we face with some regularity in green building. We are racing to make our buildings safer, healthier for occupants, less-polluting, and lower carbon. But we are behind in that race. For example, we have been paying serious attention to the health effects of building materials on indoor air quality for only about 20 years. We have been inventing new chemicals that affect our indoor air quality for well over 100 years.

    Unfortunately for the builder, homeowner, or renter who simply wants some reliable advice on what to worry about from an environmental perspective, and what not to worry about, things sometimes change or crop up unexpectedly. And we’re not usually completely ready with a seamless hot swap. Remember when compact fluorescent bulbs first came out? Remember the first low-flow toilets? Best forget them.

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    For BPA, Exposure Matters – Receipt Handling, Eating Canned Foods Pose Greatest Danger

    Pregnant women who eat canned vegetables daily have elevated levels of bisphenol A, an estrogenic chemical found in food containers and other consumer products, according to new research published today.

    More than 90 percent of pregnant women had detectable levels of bisphenol A, and a variety of sources of the chemical were identified in the study. Pregnant women who were exposed to tobacco smoke or worked as cashiers also had above-average concentrations in their bodies.

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    EPA Gets an Earful at Coal Ash Disposal Hearings

    DALLAS, Texas, September 9, 2010 (ENS) – Concerned about the health and environmental dangers of coal ash dumps, hundreds of residents from four states packed a U.S. EPA hearing in Dallas Wednesday,…

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Costs of Custom Homes

The first thing most people want to know is: What does it costs to build a 3000 sqft custom home in the Atlanta, GA. market?  The first thing you have to calculate is the square footage you want.  Once you have that, the numbers below give you a good starting point.

Adjusted Square Foot Calculation:

New Construction: