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    DIY: How to tell if a pallet is safe to re-use

    Find how to decipher what’s stamped on your pallet to see if it’s safe or not for your project.

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    Efficiency Tax Credits Are Back Just in Time

    Just in time for tax season, Congress has given American homeowners and businesses a chance to keep a little more of their hard-earned money. Late on January 1, 2013, the “fiscal cliff showdown” ended with the House passing a bill to avert income tax increases for Americans and large cuts in spending for government programs. What many might not have noticed is that the bill, titled the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, includes extensions …..

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    Six Things LEED Consultants Do Wrong in Specs

    LEED consultants are paid to lend their expertise to achieve a project’s LEED certification goals. Their decisions focus on achieving credits and their participation is absolutely vital to the project, but some can actually work against the project’s sustainability goals. Here are the top six problems I see.

    #1 Discouraging bidding by specifying unrealistic LEED requirements

    When a specification requires a regional source, a recycled content percentage, and certain certifications for a product, the specifier has to be certain that conforming products exist. On a recent project, the only bidder

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    Case Study: Extreme Retrofit Project Honors the Past While Looking to the Future – EcoHome Magazine

    When architect Terrell Wong and her husband decided to conduct an energy-efficient renovation of their 90-year-old home, there were many parts of the house they wanted to preserve. The house, which had been in her husband’s family for 35 years, had beautiful hardwood flooring and dark kitchen cabinets that her mother-in-law had commissioned 35 years ago. Plus, it was located in the historic Rosedale neighborhood of Toronto.
    “I wanted to honor it,” says Wong, owner of Stone’s Throw Design in Toronto.

    But there was one important feature of the house Wong wanted to do away with: the $12,000 annual utility bills. The home’s heat was provided by two gigantic oil tanks in the basement. The construction was typical of a home from its time period: The exterior was 8-inch brick,

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    10 Awesome DIY & Green Halloween Ideas

    Soooo…I’m thinking about having a costume party for Halloween. After I spent all that time making my daughter’s peacock costume, it seemed like a waste to have her wear it only once. Plus, it seems I’ve been bitten by the Halloween bug! Of course, I’d like to keep the festivities as green as possible, so I plan to DIY (yes, I used it as a verb) as much of it as possible. Here are some of the ideas I’m considering:

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    Do Living Walls Really Contribute to Clean Air? Not In Chicago.

    It is such a pretty thing, the 720 square foot living wall in the lobby of the Chicago Embassy Suites. he GSky Plant System design has an energy efficient computer controlled irrigation system. Designer and Project Manager Denise Eichmann says “The living wall is planted with 3,840 plants which represent six species….This green wall provides clean oxygen indoors, equivalent to 16 fourteen-foot-tall trees.”

    But is it really contributing to a cleaner atmosphere overall?

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